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Washing Your Beard Too Much?


As you already may know, washing your beard brings several key benefits. These benefits include key factors including Growth, Easier Grooming, Fresh Aroma, & the list keeps going on & on.  But you may be washing your beard too often which can lead to a damaged beard.

Much like the hair on our head, it's not as healthy to wash it every single day. Washing your beard too much can strip those oils from your beard leading to a dry and potentially damaged beard. On average we recommend washing your beard 1-3 times a week.

"What Should I Use After Washing My Beard?'

Hydration & Conditioning are major factors in growing a full & healthy beard. After washing your beard you want to moisturize to prevent your beard from becoming dry & losing your natural oils. We suggest a beard balm & beard oil which are great products in maintaining a strong beard.